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2014 December 4

Robin Arcuri - Attends SCREENING of 'CAKE' with Jennifer Anniston

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

— at Creative Artists Agency


2014 November 30

Robin Arcuri - Attends Screening of 'Unbroken' QA with Angelina Jolie                               


— at Writer's Guild Theater†††††††††††††††††††††††††††



2014 November 14

Robin Arcuri - Attends Screening of '#BIGEYES' - Q & A with Tim Burton, Amy Adams, Chrisoph Waltz & Krysten Ritter - Skirball Magnin Auditorium - November 14, 2014 - Los Angeles, CA


2014 October 20

Robin Arcuri - Pays a visit to the USS Midway aircraft carrier San Diego, California


2014 September 29

Go see ‪#‎modeling‬ casting


2014 September 22

Robin Arcuri - Attends Screening of 'BIRDMAN'  starring  ‪#‎michaelkeaton‬  ‪#‎hilarious‬ ‪#‎dark‬ ‪#‎comedy‬ ‪#‎truth‬ #‎birdman‬ 


2014 September 20

Image: Nicole In Wonderland
Photographer / Image Author: RobinArcuri (RA) (image coming soon)


2014 September 14

Robin Arcuri - Ice Bucket Challenge



2014 August 28

HOLLYWOOD, CA - AUGUST 28: Red Carpet Arrivals - Actress Robin Arcuri - Station Hollywood - Bench Warmer - Back To School - Benefiting Children Of The Night - 2014, August. 
Image: Pacific Pro Digital



2014 August 17

Robin Arcuri rescues extremely ill Cormorrant bird from the beach in Southern Calfiornia and delivers it to the Wetlands & Wildlife Care Center in Huntington Beach, California.


Please donate to the center if you have the time and resources. Wetlands & Wildlife Care Center
"They are great people doing amazing things. This is just another rescue & patch. We need to correct what's injuring and killing our wild life. To accomplish that goal we must direct some of our energy toward improving the health of our waters, both fresh and salt. " RA~


2014 January 27 - 28

Robin Arcuri modeling for PRIVE` at the ISSE hair show - Long Beach, CA



2014 January 25

Robin Arcuri- Modeling For - BAX-U. The Bax-U Correct Posture Support System is a high quality thin silk posture support designed to promote better posture for everyday life style challenges. (Image coming soon)

Robin Arcuri Modeling BAX-U


2014 January 24

Robin Arcuri - Visits The Honest Kitchen Display Booth - The Southern CA Pet Expo Saturday, January 24, 2014




2013 October 21

Actress Robin Arcuri and guest LA Femme Film Festival Award Ceremony Gala Arrivals - Renberg Theater - 2013 October 21
IMAGE (coming soon) ©



2013 January 20

Robin Arcuri - Attends Los Angeles Fitness Expo-2013 Jan 20



2012 December 14

Robin Arcuri at "Jukin Video" First Anniversary Celebration Party - Arrivals - Aventine Restaurant, 1607 North Cahuenga Boulevard - Hollywood, CA, USA -





2012 December 9

Robin Arcuri- Attends Venice Beach California and contributes a bag of toys to the Muscle Beach Toy Drive-12-9-12


2012 December 2

Robin Arcuri Attends Children's Hospital Toy Drive-Red Carpet Arrivals-December 4, 2012 - Universal City Walk - Los Angeles - CA

Actress Robin Arcuri Attends The Children's Hospital Toy Drive

Children's Hospital Benefit Toy Drive



2012 November 17

Robin Arcuri at Robin Arcuri's Fifth Annual Birthday Pajama Jam and Toy Drive Benefiting Victims of Hurricane Sandy on November 17, 2012 - Private Residence in Beverly Hills - Beverly Hills, CA, USA -

Robin Arcuri's Fifth Annual Birthday & Benefit Toy Drive

Sally Flowers, C. Aio, Robin Arcuri

Robin Arcuri's Fifth Annual Birthday and Benefit Toy Drive

A special thanks to our sponsors- Big Feet PJ's, The Body Shield, RA Enterprises, & Cindy's Jumpers

Robin Arcuri's Fifth Annual Birthday Pajama Jam and Toy Drive Benefiting Victims of Hurricane Sandy on November 17, 2012 2012-11-17 - Private Residence in Beverly Hills Beverly Hills, CA, USA

Carlos Ramirez & Robin Arcuri



2012 October 13

Robin Arcuri at That Dam Mud Run at the Santa Fe Dam in Irwindale on October 13, 2012 - Santa Fe Dam - Irwindale, CA, USA -

Katherine Webb-Robin Arcuri-Karen Price-MJ Leon-Natalie Pack

Katherine Webb, Robin Arcuri, Karen Price, MJ Leon, Natalie Pack

Supermodels Robin Arcuri & MJ Leon-That Dam Mud Run

MJ Leon & Robin Arcuri

Robin Arcuri-That Dam Mud Run Benefitting Gavin R. Stevens Foundation



2012 July 28

Robin Arcuri rows in World Cup Dragon Boat Races in support of Blind Start Of America at 2012 Long Beach Dragon Boat Festival in Long Beach on July 28, 2012 - Marine Stadium, 5225 East Paoli Way - Long Beach, CA, USA -

Examiner Article Here


World Cup Dragon Boat Tournament and Festival 2012 July 28 VIP Division Race

Robin Arcuri (First Row L) and Team Blindstart in the World Cup Dragon Boat VIP Division Race

2012 June 23

Robin Arcuri at Irvine Lake Mud Run Benefitting Blind Start of America at Oak Canyon Park in Silverado on June 23, 2012 - Oak Canyon Park, 5305 Santiago Canyon Road - Silverado, CA, USA -

Robin Arcuri-Irvine Lake Mud Run Benefiting Blind Start Of America

In Support of Blind Start Of America a blindfolded Robin Arcuri tackles the course while escorted by Navy Seaman

Robin Arcuri-Irvine Lake Benefit Run

2012 May 28

Celebrity Sightings at The Grove in Los Angeles on May 28, 2012 - The Grove - Los Angeles, CA, USA -



2012 May 21

Robin Arcuri at Daniel Curtis Lee 21st Birthday Bash at the Rolling Stone Lounge in Hollywood on May 21, 2012 - Rolling Stone Lounge - Hollywood, CA, USA -

Robin Arcuri-Rolling Stone Lounge Hollywood, CA



2012 June, 23

TEAM RA will race again in the Irvine Lake Mud Run. I will be in Los Angeles for this event.

The Annual Walk To Africa Event is happening this day also.

Both are excellent events. If you would like to join our team, please visit the Irvine Lake Mud Run Registration page and search teams for Team RA (Robin Arcuri).

See you there!!!!!


2012 May, 16

Dear Friends,

I have some fantastic news! Some of my writing is finally published and ironically enough in Germany! :) You can find it in two separate books. Please see below.

Please order your copy of my newely published writings in 1000 IDEEN. If you send your copy directly to me at the address found in my 'boutique' , and include the appropriate return materials including postage, I will sign a copy for you and send it back.


Robin Arcuri's Published Writing See Actress, Producer, Author, & Model Robin Arcuri's published writing on how to make the world a better place in the recently published book '1000 IDEEN'.
Get your copy on Amazon today by clicking on the link below.

Robin Arcuri Published Writing




2012 May 12

Los Angeles
Saturday May 12, 2012
LA Memorial Coliseum




Robin Arcuri representing SAG-AFTRA stops to take a photo with LAPD

Robin Arcuri EIF REVLON WALK For Women's Cancers


Robin Arcuri stretching after 5k walk for EIF on behalf of SAG-AFTRA

Robin Arcuri &  Junior Seau

Robin Arcuri-Pauses during 5k walk in memory of Junior Seau.


2012 March 31

Irvine Lake 5k Run for charity-Supporting The Gavin R Stevens Goundation. In the final results Team 'RA' placed 11th in the 666 open teams division.


TEAM 'RA' (Robin Arcuri) Runner Missy F. Irvine Lake Spring Break Mud Run

RA Muddy Model: Missy F.



November 4, 2011

Robin Arcuri
'My 4 One One' Business Launch Party at 7 Degrees Banquet Hall
& Degrees Banquet Hall
© Glenn Francis / PR Photos


MY 4 ONE ONE Business Launch

MY4ONEONE -A unique and innovative way to store, access and share your personal information securely online

Finally, one place to store all the personal information you currently keep in your wallet, file cabinet, desk drawer and in your head, all in one place and accessible on your PC, tablet or smartphone. From your favorite color to the medications you take, you’re current wishlist items to the house cleaner you love…

You decide who you want to share each piece of information with. Mark an item “Private” and only you see it. Mark it “Privileged” and it’s visible to your closest family members or BFFs

Mark it “Personal” and the people you have accepted as friends can see it. Mark it “Public” and all the members of my4oneone can view it. Your information is safe and secure.

Greg Hernandez Shannon Hernandez Robin Arcuri Mark Mann

Greg Hernandez, Shannon Hernandez, Robin Arcuri & Guest
'My 4 One One' Business Launch Party at 7 Degrees Banquet Hall
& Degrees Banquet Hall
© Glenn Francis / PR Photos

Mark Mann Robin Arcuri Burgandi Phoenix Carlos Ramirez

Robin Arcuri & Guest -Burgandi Phoenix-Carlos Ramirez
'My 4 One One' Business Launch Party at 7 Degrees Banquet Hall
& Degrees Banquet Hall
© Glenn Francis / PR Photos

Mark Mann Robin Arcuri Burgandi Phoenix Carlos Ramirez



2011 October 2

10/02/2011 - Robin Arcuri- "Real Steel" Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals - Gibson Amphitheatre - Universal City, CA, USA ©KC

Robin Arcuri - CEO RA Enterprises- Model-Actor-Author-Philanthropist



UNIVERSAL CITY, CA - OCTOBER 02: Robin Arcuri-Red Carpet Arrivals- Carlos Ramirez's 'I'm NOT Pedro' Birthday Bash at Infusion Lounge on October 2, 2011 in Universal City, California.

Robin Arcuri - CEO RA Enterprises- Model-Actor-Author-Philanthropist

Carlos Ramirez' "I'm NOT pedro Birthday Bash"



September 11, 2011

Irvine Lake Reality Mud Run

Robin Arcuri Irvine Lake Mud Run 2011

Robin Arcuri

Actresses, Models, & Philanthropists Robin Arcuri (Entourage) Lauren MC, and models Team up to raise awareness, and funds, for cancer research through RA Muddy Models fundraising team benefiting Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C). The 5K run will begin at 8:00 AM on Saturday, Sept. 10 at Oak Canyon Park Blue Diamond Haul Road, in Silverado, Calif., near Irvine.
Details about the run and how to register can be found at www.RealityMudRun.com. Those who are unable to participate as runners but would still like to be part of the cause may donate through the site.
Said Arcuri, “It’s a gift to be able to use our names and faces as a platform to bring together my friends, and raise awareness while supporting a new model of cancer research. I’m all for less toxic treatments, and especially the concept of preventing cancer through proper nutrition, and exercise. We participated in the July 2011 mud run and it was an absolute blast, and we cannot wait for September 10th to arrive”.
Donations to the can be made through the at www.IrvineLakeMudRun.com

Robin Arcuri- Irvine Lake Mud Run Sept. 10, 2011-Stand Up 2 Cancer- This run is in remembrance of my Grandfather, who was an Army staff Sergeant, and lost his battle with cancer. As well as those who lost their lives on 9-11 and their families who've suffered as a result.



July 15th 2011

Actress, and Advocate Robin Arcuri, has teamed up with Models Alexandra Aguilar to compete in the Irvine Mud Run on July 17th 2011-BENEFITTING THE GAVIN R STEVENS FOUNDATION- "Our mission is to raise awareness, and increase funding for research to find a treatment and cure for blindness, focusing on Leber's Congenital Amaurosis (LCA). Please join us in the exciting event."

Gavin R Stevens Foundation


Irvine Lake Mud Run



Irvine Lake Mud Run Team

(L to R) Alex Aguilar-Robin Arcuri-MJ Leon-MK -Team RA

Irvine Lake Mud Run Benefiting Gavin R. Stevens Foundation

Irvine Lake 5K Mud Run For Gaven R. Stevens Foundation

Robin Arcuri & Alex Aguilar

Irvine Lake 5K Mud Run For Gaven R. Stevens Foundation MK-RobinArcuri-Alex Aguilar-MJ Leon -Army crawl through the muddy trenches

Irvine Lake 5K Mud Run For Gaven R. Stevens Foundation

Actresses MJ Leon & Robin Arcuri Play Ball in the aftermath

Irvine Lake 5K Mud Run For Gaven R. Stevens Foundation

Post Run Image by: RA Enterprises

June 29, 2011

Actress & Fashion Model Robin Arcuri-Signing Autograph at Benchwarmer~Stars & Stripes Celebration at The Colony in Hollywood, California~
Benefiting Children Of The Night Foundation. June 29, 2011

Robin Arcuri

Actress/Maybelline Model Robin Arcuri Signing Autograph

Robin Arcuri-Signing Autograph For Collector

Maybelline Model & Actress Robin Arcuri Signing Autograph

Robin Arcuri- Signing Autograph For Collector

June 24, 2011

Walk To Africa

Please come see me at this event and show your support!

This is the premiere annual fund raising event for Lighthouse Medical Missions.  Our Mission is to alleviate the pain and suffering of the African people that lack medical care due poverty, injustice and civil conflicts.  Through our efforts to organize teams of doctors, nurses and volunteers for medical relief missions, we are able to heal and restore the lives of thousands. 

Our goal is to raise funds and awareness to continue our medical mission trips and develop long term medical facilities and relief for African people. 

Robin Arcuri-Kick Off-Walk To Africa RobinArcuri Walk To Africa 06-25-2011

Robin Arcuri- Kick Off-Walk To Africa RobinArcuri Walk To Africa Charity Event

Robin Arcuri-Walk To Africa Actor/Producer/Author Robin Arcuri

Walk To Africa

Mayor of Santa Monica Richard Bloom speaks at the 3rd annual Walk To Africa benefit.
Image by: RAEnterprises

Thank you to everyone for giving me the opportunity to participate in this wonderful cause!



June 17, 2011

"In 2011 a man by the name of Matt Stutzman who was born without arms qualified for the Olympic Archery Team. So the next time that someone tells you that you're too short to model, or that you cannot succeed at something you're passionate about, you may want to think twice about that". RA~


May 30, 2011 :)


Robin Arcuri for The Body Shield 2011 Ad Campaign!
Beautiful actress and supermodel Robin Arcuri, stars in the 2011-2012 ad campaign of The Body Shield. Please join her at the Muscle Beach International Classic & Armed Forces Championship for her debut on MEMORIAL DAY- May 30, 2011 at The Body Shield booth.


Robin Arcuri The Body Shield Spokes-Model 2011

Robin Arcuri by Daryl Lloyd AP

Robin Arcuri Wearing alo

Robin Arcuri Signing Autograph

Robin Arcuri Signing Autograph Wears ALO

CEO of The Bodyshield Brian Hartley and Celebrity Campaign Spokesmodel Robin Arcuri- Present The Body Shield.

The Body Shield's Spokesmodel Robin Arcuri & CEO Brian Hartley

Robin Arcuri

Model/Actress Robin Arcuri & TV Host Xixi Yang

Television Host Xixi Yang & Supermodel-Actress Robin Arcuri pose for cameras

Robin Arcuri The Body Shield Spokesmodel
1800 Ocean Front Walk
Venice, Ca. 90291


May 7, 2011


Robin Arcuri Walks for REVLON Team Screen Actors GuildSupport My Fight Against Women's Cancers

On Saturday, May 7th, I will be participating in the 18th Annual EIF Revlon Run/Walk For Women. You can join me in the fight against women's cancers by making a donation on my behalf. Your donation will help fund important research into the cause and cure of women's cancers, prevention, education and support service programs. Every dollar will help bring us one step closer to a cure.

I AM BACK and I am looking forward to this, and more in the near future!
Every dollar counts!! Please click on the link to visit my page and donate, or join me in the run.When you donate, your name will appear in the fundraising honor roll section of my page.


I'd like to extend a special thanks to The Body Shield for supporting me in this cause. The first 5 people who join my team in this run/walk will receive their own personal Body Shield (pink & white) ribbon Awareness Towel. Thank you and I look forward to seeing you there!




Robin Arcuri-REVLON Arrivals

Images by : KC/RA Enterprises

Robin Arcuri & Vida Guerra

Vida Guerra, Robin Arcuri and Nikki Giavasis.

Robin Arcuri & Vida Guerra

Robin Arcuri and Vida Guerra


April 30th, 2011


Robin Arcuri walks for SHELTER'S RIGHT HAND

Please join me @ The Shelter's Right Hand 15th Annual 5k Walk 2011 @Central Park, Uptown Whitttier
6532 Friends Avenue

When: Saturday April 30th 2011 @8am

Shelter's Right Hand 15th Annual 5k Walk 2011

Actress Robin Arcuri Wearing Under Armour

Robin Arcuri & Team Mate Elizabeth H. WALK FOR
15th Annual Stepping Out Against Domestic Violence Fitness Walk
Whittier, California
- Saturday, April 30, 2011


Robin Arcuri receiving medal For Charity Run


15th Annual Stepping Out Against Domestic Violence Fitness Walk
Whittier, California
- Saturday, April 30, 2011



April 26, 2011

City Honors Sardine Cleanup Volunteers

Redondo Beach honors volunteers who helped with cleaning up the King Harbor fish die-off.

Read Full Article Here


Mayor Mike Gin & Robin Arcuri


The California Conservation Corps also helped scoop dead sardines out of the water. Credit RA Enterprises


March 12, 2011

A message to my friends in Japan; Ookuno inochi to monoga ushinawaretakotowo kanashiku omoimasu. kaihukuwo inorimasu. nihonwo koisiku omoimasu. aiwokomete. Robin Arcuri~



March 11, 2011

I am volunteering in Redondo Beach today, and tomorrow, for the dead fish clean up. It's time to get my hands dirty again. It's been a while since I could do anything like this and I've missed it! I wore my Japanese T-shirt today. God bless those who are suffering from the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

See Article Here

harbor patrol redondo beach clean up">Thousands of dead fish. We are here to clean it up!

Robin Arcuri @Redondo Beach, Ca March 11, 2011

Robin Arcuri Redondo Beach, Ca

Robin Arcuri @Redondo Beach, Ca March 11, 2011Robin Arcuri

With the massive fish kill in Redondo's King Harbor earlier this week, the most pressing issue now is the clean-up. It's critical that all the dead fish are removed within the next couple of days to prevent an even worse problem.

To volunteer for the Redondo Beach fish cleanup, please contact the Redondo Beach CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) Hotline at 310-318-8111 for information on how and when to volunteer. Cleanups efforts do vary so you must call to receive correct instructions. Information is updated at 8 p.m. each night.


Jan 1st 2011



2010 December 11

Robin Arcuri-Arrivals-Wearing St. John and Piaget
TOYS FOR TOTS Celebrity Toy Drive


Robin Arcuri



November 10, 2010

HSUS Presents "Rescue Paws" A Traveling Exhibit For Puppy Mills Campaign
11/10/2010 -
Los Angeles, CA United States

WIRE IMAGE Will post additional images later.

Actress Robin Arcuri Humane Society Benefit

Actress- Fashion Model-Philanthropist - Robin Arcuri arrivals-November 8, 2010
Celebrities to the Rescue-Photographer Robbie Bellon snaps celebrity dogs for Rescue Paws photo exhibit and calendar

HSUS BENEFIT Image by Robbie Bellon



November 10, 2010

Actress Robin Arcuri attends "50's And La Dolce Vita Style" Exhibition - Opening Night
11/10/2010 - The Italian Cultural Institute
Los Angeles, CA, United States

Robin Arcuri-"50s and La Dolce Vita Style"

Robin Arcuri-50s and La Dolce Vita Style

Robin Arcuri

Images From Event

50s and La Dolce Vita Style"

Robin Arcuri-50s and La Dolce Vita Style


November 3, 2010

At the Milan International Film Festival Awards Ceremony At The Italian Cultural Institute: Miff's Best!!

Actors Rico Simonini & Robin Arcuri Arrivals

Milan International Film Festival Awards



October 29, 2010

HAPPY HALLOWEEN TO YOU! We'll be in WEHO for CARNIVAL this year on the 31st!


October 24, 2010

Quote of the week:

Albert Mondego: Who are you, and why are you doing this?
Luigi: We are bad men, and for the money!

September 2010

I am looking forward to all of the toys for tots benefits and events this Winter season! I know that it's going to be a tougher season for those less fortunate. In my own time, I've managed to collect 8 large boxes of toys to donate. If there's any stores that would like to match what I've collected, please use the contact button on my website, and someone will be in touch with you shortly to work out the details. Each toy should be worth 19.00 or more. Thanks!!!


August 2010

Here's the latest;

The Screen Actors Guild of Hollywood has approx. 77k members and I'm proud to be amongst them now! You may find me at the SAG conservatory this winter. :D Soooo no more non- union gigs! :@)

Just a friendly reminder. I don't act because I want to be famous. I act because I enjoy the craft. My life isn't all about being an actress. Acting is a part of my life that I choose to enjoy. Hundreds of roles have crossed my soul that haven't been right for me. I am very selective in what I do, especially from here on out, and I'd rather never do another film, than waste time on worthless bimbotastic material.


July 2010

Summer is rocking in So. Ca this year!


December 5, 2009

4th Annual Bench Warmer Trading Cards' Holiday Gala and Toy Drive for Toys For Tots - Arrivals
December 5, 2009 - Hollywood, CA. USA


Actress-Supermodel Robin Arcuri & Guest (Center)


November 28th 2009



July 6th 2009

Hi everyone,

It's been a while since I've actually written here to respond to the inquiries I've received lately.

My ebay store is coming soon! It should carry a lot of the same items. I will have photo shoot clothing items, collectible trading cards, collectible post cards, signed T-shirts, mouse pads, mugs, and a few other cool things. 10% of all sales are donated to charity through ebay giving works. We must remember that no matter how much we suffer financially, we have to give to others because there is always someone out there who is suffering more.

Thank you for caring & checking in.




2009 June


I love all of the letters I am receiving from Germany! My German bloodlines seem to send so much love and support. I love you guys!!!!Thank you!

As always, stay tuned here in my journal. Any other source on the net, may not be genuine, no matter how much it seems to me behind the account. There are a lot of imposters on the internet, and if you suspect a page or profile please don't hesitate to email us immediately. Please include the link in your email. We take internet harassment and imposters very seriously, and will prosecute anyone who attempts to do either.


2009 April

Happy Passover!Happy Easter!


2009 February, 21


FINALLY, I am capable of making a signing session. It's been a while, I know. Thank you to everyone who showed up to see me. I love you guys! I'll be back again soon!

The Living Room - Downtown Fort Lauderdale. 2/21/09 Featuring Top Model & Actress Robin Arcuri.


Photo of Robin Arcuri signing a fan's navel area


The Living Room Photos


2009 January, 23


Message: Encourage young people to "GO Green"

Click the link below to purchase images from this event!



Robin Arcuri
LA4 Green Party
One Sunset

Image by:Albert Ortega


2009 January

Robin Arcuri will attend this event:

Autism Speaks™ Fundraiser At The Mansion To Be Sponsored By Domainsponsor And The Domainfest Global Conference
DomainSponsor™, the domain monetization division of Oversee.net and organizer of DOMAINfest Global®, a franchise of premium conferences designed to promote and support the advancement of the domain industry, today announced that it will be the title sponsor of a fundraising event benefiting “Autism Speaks™”, an organization dedicated to funding research into the causes, prevention and treatment of autism.

The fundraising event, called Model Citizens, will take place on Thursday, January 29 at the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles. It will be the official farewell party sponsored by DomainSponsor for attendees of the DOMAINfest Global 2009 conference, which runs from January 27 to 29 in Hollywood, California. 

During the fundraising event, “Bang The Gavel” (http://www.bangthegavel.com) will conduct a silent auction offering guests a chance to buy sports memorabilia signed by star athletes, with all proceeds going to Autism Speaks™. Additional funds will be raised through the sale of donated domain names included in the Moniker® Live Domain Auctions to be held at the DOMAINfest conference. Guests at the Model Citizens event at the Mansion will include celebrities, professional athletes, and attendees from the DOMAINfest Global conference.

About Autism Speaks
Autism Speaks is dedicated to increasing awareness of autism spectrum disorders, to funding research into the causes, prevention and treatments for autism, and to advocating for the needs of individuals with autism and their families. To learn more please visit: www.autismspeaks.org


Robin Arcuri Red Carpet Arrivals

Red Carpet Arrivals-Actress- Fashion Model-Philanthropist Robin Arcuri Wearing Cavalli Arrives-Benefit for Autism Speaks *Domain Fest* Model Citizens* 01/29/09 Playboy Mansion

Robin Arcuri Red Carpet Arrivals



2008 December, 9


Bench Warmer's 2007 toy drive collected more than 600 toys, this year's event has received pledges of 200 toys from the toy store aahs!; 100 toys from Jakks Pacific and 500 books from the Cable Shopping Network (CSN)–800 gifts in advance pledges! This toy drive should bring in close to bring in close to 2,000 new toys! Active-duty Marines from the 3rd Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company (ANGLICO), in dress blues, are collecting toys on the Red Carpet.


Event Sponsor: Financially Hung; Toy Sponsor: aahs!!
Event Hosts: Brande Roderick; Bench Warmer Trading Cards
www.benchwarmer.com; Hollywood Entertainment Group.

Robin Arcuri

Actress Robin Arcuri Bench Warmer Trading Cards 3rd Annual Toys For Tots Holiday Party - Arrivals

Actors Rico Simonini & Robin Arcuri

Actor/Doctor Rico Simonini & Actress-Supermodel-Robin Arcuri Arrivals

Actors Carlos Ramirez & Robin Arcuri

Actors Carlos Ramirez & Robin Arcuri Arrivals

Model-Producer-Author-Actor- Robin Arcuri




See Robin Arcuri in The 25 Worlds Most Hottest Women for 2008 Video




2008 November, 26

I co-hosted the Stacy Taylor radio show for an hour! Stacy is the coolest!!!

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2008 November

Robin Arcuri Walks In Fashion Week for 'Wild Flowers' & designer Yola Gray.



2008 November 21

I attended the John Wayne Cancer Institute and Pantera Jewelry's charity event "Diamonds For The Duke" at Boulevard 3 on November 21, 2008 in Hollywood, California.
"Diamonds For The Duke" Charity Event

I didn't last very long, but made it never the less.

Robin Arcuri Wire Image


Rick Robinson-Robin Arcuri-Joyce DeWitt

Rick Robinson--Robin Arcuri-Joyce DeWitt -Richard Barone

Robin Arcuri & The Archibald's Mouse

Robin Arcuri & ARCHIBALD'S

Robin Arcuri & Author Luigi Falconi

Robin Arcuri & Luigi Falconi

Robin Arcuri-The Grove-Los Angeles, California2008-Robin Arcuri & Beau Leaving The Grove


2007-August 22-Benefit for HALF THE SKY FOUNDATION -Asian Faces

Robin Arcuri attends "Asian Faces" Book Launch Party Benefiting Half TheSky Foundation.

"Asian Faces" Book Launch Party
By: Chad Buchanan
Getty Images Entertainment
People: Robin Arcuri

For Rights To Use Image or License Through GETTY Click Here



October 17-21st 2006

On way to fashion week in Chi town, I managed to stop off and hit the slopes at some local resort in Wisconsin! What a blast that was. I LOVE sports, and I love the snow.

Before heading home we hiked for 3 hours through the most amazing terrain near Devils lake.

Planes, trains & automobiles, I swear!



Chicago Fashion Week Runway Show. Here's a video of images from the show!


Please come in you’re in the area. Tickets are available at www.chicagofashionweek.com


Sept. 12th 2006

Shooting TV series "Entourage" Robin Arcuri and Adrian Grenier


July 19th 2006

Los Angeles, Ca.


July 15th 2006

Chicago IL. July15-19th SHOOT


July 14th 2006

Private Entry


July 14 2006

Private Entry

July of 2006

Private Entry

July 13th 2006

Private Entry


July 12th 2006

Private Entry


July 12th 2006

Private Entry

July 11th 2006

Private Entry


July 11th 2006

Private Entry

June 16th 2006 Alpha Models party@  The Camden House  10pm


Robin Arcuri 


Actress Robin Arcuri & Andy Samberg


"Click" Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals 


Mann Village Theatre 


Westwood, California United Stated


June 14, 2006 

Actor Andy Samberg & Actress Robin Arcuri at premiere of Click




Grand Opening of La Maison Unique Longchamp in Soho


132 Spring Street New York City, New York United States


May 23rd, 2006


Actress Robin Arcuri & Model Andy S.@ Grand Opening of La Maison Unique Longchamp in Soho 132 Spring Street New York City, New York United States May 23, 2006 photo by/WENN.com





Actress Robin Arcuri Protests Against Eating Meat 


Union Square


May 18th, 2006


Robin Arcuri in Union Square

Robin Arcuri at New York Union Square


I live for helping people & animals, there is no greater gift on earth than to be able to help those in need. I'd work my fingers to the bone to make a difference in someone's life.

I am hardly getting enough sleep with the charity work and burning the candle at both ends to contribute to them all. Not to mention time off of work to do demonstrations. I hope what I am doing makes a difference somehow.

I just purchased an eco car. I really do miss my sports cars but there's far more important things in life to contribute to.



May 18th 12-1pm

Private Entry

May 17th 12-1pm

Private Entry


May 16th 12-1pm

Private Entry


April 8th 2006

Playboy Mansion Hefís 80th birthday! Happy 80th Hef!

Barbie Benton & Robin Arcuri



March 21-27th

Miami Beach, Florida   shoot


March 15th, 18th and 20th Shooting

Shooting in Los Angeles , California


March 10th,11th, 12th  2006

Private Entry



Private Entry

March 6th 2006

Shoot N.M. Catalog


Feb 25th 2006

Testing in Philadelphia


Feb 23rd 2006

Test shooting in New York


Feb 18 2006

I'll be on the air tonight at 9:30 pm. Philadelphia radio station 1340 WHAT www.thebigtalker.net



December 25th, 2005

Happy Holidays to all of my friends and family!



December 20 2005

Holidays! Holidays! Holidays! and no I am not going to blow my training season. Eat the pies for me ok?



November 20 2005

It's training season! I LIVE for charity work! I LOVE it!!!!



October 20 2005

I just finished shooting Ripple Effect.

RIPPLE EFFECT: starring Virginia Madsen ("Sideways"), Forest Whitaker ("Panic Room", "Phone Booth"), Minnie Driver and Kip Pardue ("Driven"). The film deals with the American Dream and the ripple effect of our actions while relentlessly chasing our material goals....A dramatic, twisted eye-opener by director/producer Philippe Caland. The film is not even finished yet and already has a major buzz....Caland is well known as the creator of the controversial film "Boxing Helena" (1993) starring Julian Sands, Bill Paxton and Sherilyn Fenn. He also made waves with his small indie picture "Hollywood Buddha"
Things went really well and I had a great time.




September 15th 2005

Private Entry


September 14th 2005

On September 10th I attended PETA's 25th anniversary party. It was beautiful! Held at Paramount Studios it was a wonderful mix of food, art, artists, & positive energy. I had a great time. Eric Roberts looked great! Alec Baldwin had the media in a frenzy. Pam opted for the played down look & I couldn't help but wonder who makes her blouses to fit so well? Anyway, I learned a ton of things such as what to eat, great recipes for vegans and where to shop for the foods I need. Fun, fun, fun!

Peter Simpson, Actress Robin Arcuri & Comedian Dave Foley

Robin Arcuri holds sign showing support for the victims of hurricane Katrina




September 2nd 2005

As a result of Hurricane Katrina all of my boutique items will remain on sale until Jan 1st 2006. At least 10% of the proceeds will go to the Red Cross. It looks like I will have to cancel my projected plans for Sri Lanka to work in New OrleansI know there's hundreds of trapped animals that also need our help so I have provided a little information below in the case you may want to participate in the donation process, or that you may need additional information regarding adoption etc...

People PLEASE help the victims of this horrible disaster.



Donate to the Red Cross

1-800-524-2996 OR 225-928-5862.
For Immediate Release: September 1, 2005

Animal Evacuation and Recovery Plan for New Orleans

The LVMA is currently accepting pets at the Blackham Coliseum in
Lafayette, LSU in Shreveport, the Monroe Civic Center for small animals and the Ike Hamilton Center for large animals in Monroe, the Farmerís Market in Alexandria, and the LSU Agriculture Center/Parker Coliseum in Baton Rouge. Owners must be housed in a Red Cross shelter; owners are responsible for caring for their animals, including feeding and cleaning. Animals will be accepted 24 hours a day.
Veterinarians will be on hand to handle any medical needs.

While owners are responsible for the feeding and cleaning of their pets
at the Parker Coliseum in Baton Rouge, the SVM, along with volunteers from the Baton Rouge Veterinary Medical Association, will provide veterinary care. If for some reason, an owner is unable to care for a pet sheltered in the Parker Coliseum (e.g., the owner is housed in a special needs shelter), SVM student volunteers will provide primary care, such as feeding and cleaning. The East Baton Rouge Animal Control Center will be taking stray animals.

The Parker Coliseum will be staffed 24 hours a day by a supervising
veterinarian and student volunteers from the School of Veterinary Medicine. Pets in the Coliseum will be given physical exams and Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccinations. If a pet requires medical attention and veterinary monitoring,  it will be sent to the LSU School of Veterinary Medicineís Veterinary Teaching Hospital.


The LA/SPCA will transport animals from pick-up points in New Orleans to the Lamar-Dixon Expo Center. The pick-up points have not yet been determined and are being coordinated with the agency charged with transporting people from New Orleans to other areas.

The Lamar-Dixon Expo Center, 9039 St. Landry Rd., Gonzales, La., will serve as the primary staging area. Once the shelter is full, animals will be moved to temporary shelters in other areas of Louisiana and Texas.
The LA/SPCA Dorothy Dorsett Mobile Veterinary Center will be at the
Lamar-Dixon Center to treat incoming animals as needed.


Beginning on September 1, residents who left pets in their homes may
call a hot line to leave information about the number of animals, species, and their confined location. As soon as the hotline number is obtained, we will advise the media. WE CANNOT ENTER NEW ORLEANS UNTIL APPROVAL IS GRANTED BY STATE


Financial donations are being accepted to fund the animalsí care through the Dr. Walter  J. Ernst, Jr. Veterinary Memorial Foundation at the LVMA at 1-800-524-2996.

A regional donation center is being established. Our needs include:
large air kennels and metal cages, leashes, disposable bowls, canned cat and dog food, disposable litter pans, spray bleach, paper towels, sheets, towels, locks, hoses, bottled water, trash cans, trash bags, pooper scoopers, cat litter, extension cords, fans. The most urgent needs are kennels and monetary donations. The media will be advised of the address once determined. At least 175 animals are currently en route to Baton Rouge
For more information or to make donations of the materials listed
above, please call the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine at 225-578-9900  (www.vetmed.lsu.edu) or the LVMA at 1-800-524-2996 (www.lvma.org).


Louisiana SPCA contact Laura Maloney 225-413-8813
East Baton Rouge Animal Control Center Hilton Cole 225-774-7700
LSU School of Veterinary Medicine Dr.
Becky Adcock 225-578-9900
Louisiana Veterinary Medical Association 225-928-5862



August 24th 2005

Hi everyone,

Well I just got back from Cancun. Regardless of the fact I had to work a little, I had a blast. I got some great new shots for my site, and I hope to upload them soon. I just busy as heck right now. I stayed at the Ritz Carlton and I have to say it was one of my best hotel experiences ever. They were so wonderful to me. The snorkeling, skiing, parasiling is simply amazing there!


August 15th 2005

I have a few days off from shooting. We should be shooting my final scene in September. I booked another shoot for La Perla and we're doing it in Cancun. Anyway, I've also been thinking really hard about going to Sri Lanka to work in the Elephant Orphanage, they always need extra hands. I've been wanting to visit both Sri Lanka and Tibet. I was all set to go until I booked this film, and now this shoot, so I think I'll just put it off another month or so. I'm sure they will need me then as well. I will also be doing some of my new website stuff while there in Cancun so be sure to keep your eyes on the site for the new stuff! You may also notice a few great changes have been made to the site to make it user friendly. Again, I hardly have time for it so I do my best!


August 12th 2005

Private Entry


  Robin Arcuri Benefit For AutismMardi Gras Magic 2004 Benefiting the Autism Treatment Cente

Robin Arcuri Benefit For Autism




November 3, 2004

Business: Ok I had time to post because I'm sitting on another flight. I'm in route to another booking. We shoot this weekend for two days and I then have 3 more auditions next week. . The reality TV stuff keeps pouring in but I haven't come across anything I'd be interested in doing. I also recently worked on a couple of student projects that were headed for the film festivals because they seemed very talented and needed my help.

I'm going rock climbing again after all of this work in done! Whoo hoooo


November 2, 2004 -HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Robin Arcuri & Edward James Olmos

Robin Arcuri & Edward James Olmos-Children Of Baja fundraiser event held at the Marconi Automotive Museum.

Raquel Welch

Raquel Welch-The Children Of Baja fundraising event. Held At The Marconi Automotive Museum .

Edward James Olmos & Raquel Welch

Edward James Olmos-Raquel Welch and guests.




Just HAPPY NEW YEAR AND that's all! Kisses to all of you!





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