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What is the first thing you notice when you meet a man?

When I meet a man, the first thing I notice is...his eyes, this is where I find who he is.  The second thing I notice is ...his hair, unless he starts talking than of course it will be the sound of his voice.

What is a perfect romantic evening to you?

My idea of the perfect romantic evening is...Sailing The Warm Seas, and stopping in calm waters to swim at night.

Whom would you say is the sexiest woman in the world?

There's far too many to even go there. I can name a few. I think Scarlett & Megan Fox are both stunning.

Any secret crushes?

1. My Soulmate - He knows who he is.

2. Edward Norton

3. Ryan Gosling

4. Eric Balfour

I guess the last three aren't a secret anymore.

What is the oddest experience you've had during a photo shoot?

Ahhh when I was booked on a fitness shoot and the art director pulled me aside to ask me if I could help pose one of the other models who wasn't creative enough to perform on her own.

Turn on's?

Laughter, sun, rain, moonlight, tropical waters, positive energy, a tall man who can throw on a pair of jeans & a T-shirt over the weekend then on Monday hold his own on wall street.  A wonderful smile, big eyes, long legs, tan skin, pouty lips, and a body something between spindly and bodybuilder, I suppose that would best be described as a swimmer's body!! :)

Turn off's?

Selfishness, fear, insecurities, judgmental, a man who is lost in himself, and one who lacks faith in the natural process of destiny & fate.

What do you think of men fantasizing about you?

I just hope it's the same men I'm fantasizing about.

What is love to you?

Love to me is extending oneself to interminable degrees.

What do you find is the sexiest part of a manís body?

Eyes then his Legs, definitely his legs. I love tall men I guess I relate height with masculinity.

What is your definition of romance?

When one sets time aside to continually re-create to add excitement in both your lives.

What is your favorite exercise?

Surfing & Fencing!

When you meet a man, what is the first thing you want him to notice about you?


What sport do you find the sexiest?

It isn't the sport that's sexy, it's the man or woman who's doing it that makes it sexy.

Can you give us one of your own favorite quotes?

"The greatest thing about having been raised in both indigent and wealthy households, is that no matter your given destiny, rich or poor, you've already adapted to opposite worlds, therefore success through contentment is always achieved"

What was your most embarrassing moment?

I havenít worn heels or a dress in my entire life, then I ran for Ms. Teen California in a televised pageant. I was so stiff that couldn't walk correctly, I was so nervous that my left eye was twitching, and my face must have been red the entire time.

Do you prefer a man with body hair?

Just as long as he doesn't scream while I shave him. I don't prefer it, but if it's not overwhelming, it doesn't bother me.

What do you feel is the most important thing men donít understand about women?

Actually, I feel there are two important things men don't understand about women; their potential and the fact that a woman can bring a man down to his knees with one swift kick!

What is the most important thing men fail to notice about you?

That all my intentions are of a positive nature. Everyone is capable of miscommunication, not everyone is capable of having a level of understanding to overcome miscommunication.

What do you sometimes fantasize about?

Playing Robin Hood or starring in a Bond film.

What is the best thing a man can say when he meets a beautiful woman?

Yes, I do know how to shovel snow!

What is the biggest mistake men make at the beginning of a relationship?

Not communicating clearly.

What is the sexiest thing about you that few people know about?

My spirit.

What is the worst pick up line you have heard?

Wow, yer hot!  

What is the best pick up line you have heard?

I generally just gawk at pick up lines, but this one actually made me smile; I just want you to know I am not hitting on you, and after I say that you are the most exquisite woman I have ever seen, I will be walking away.

When no one is looking what do you like to do?

Go over my scripts.

How can men really impress you?

Now, I know of the tired clichť of girls that like to promote world peace when they don't even know what a foreign policy is and I'm just as sick of it as the rest of you, but I really do love it when men recognize the fact that the elderly, the environment, and animals need our attention as much as anyone or anything else.

To you, what is a must in a man?

Intelligence! And that they love old people and animals.

What words would you most like to hear a man say?

I will work, and you nurture those who need, and deserve it most.

What body part do you think men need to work out harder?

Whatever falls behind.

How do you maintain such a balanced perspective on life?

I must revert to my childhood on this. I grew up in both indigent and wealthy households. It depeneded on who I lived with at the time. I've acclimated to polar opposite lifestyles, and regardless of what life has to throw at me, I will always be appreciative for the ability to achieve anything at all, and the rewards to boot. That alone deems me successful. I can be happy working for minimum wage, and I don't know many in my field who can say that for themselves. Unfortunately, they measure their success by the $ of the car that they drive! I have already owned TOL Porsche's, Benz's & boats. Not to show off, but because I appreciate driving them and that fine German engineering. However, when I decided to move deeper into charity and fundraising, I sold them all and bought an ECO car. :)

What is the worst thing about having posed nude?

Waving goodbye to Disney!

What is your favorite pastime?


Where is your favorite daytime place to eat?

The Ivy in Los Angeles

Where is your favorite evening place to eat?

That depends on what night of the week. I have so many favorite restaurants and they change so often. Matsuhisa, Abe, & anything vegetarian that's great.

What about you dumfounds people?

That I do not party, drink, use drugs, smoke, or cause trouble. I am a level headed, sober, tatoo free, girl. Nothing against tats, I just haven't found anything that inspired me that much to alter my temple. Also that I do not consider Playboy pornography. In my eyes it is a classy, non graphic, magazine that features female celebrities in the buff. Moreover, I've never known a man who's legally allowed to purchase Playboy, achieve titillation by the nudity in Playboy alone. Yet we've all seen the pedos who can get off by simply watching children play at a park. Does this mean that the children doing something graphically erotic? No. Some people lump everything together and judge others based on their personal opinions. That would be like me assuming that b/c you have fake nails, bleached hair, braces, & breast implants that your a shallow girl, but I don't do that, I wont. My soul is too old for that type of thinking. It's 2012 and I posed for Playboy in "art form"... just like Cindy Crawford, Raquel Welch, Ursula Andress, Stephanie Seymour, and Marilyn Monroe and many other accomplished, well respected, career women in America.